5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Delegate Your Online Marketing By Hiring A Website Designer

Seven seconds. That’s how short a time you have to make an amazing first impression.

Now here’s the question:

Does your business website have what it takes to leave the kind of impression that’ll make viewers want to stay longer on your site? If not, then that’s already one good enough reason you should consider hiring a website designer.

Because the longer you let your website sit there without a wow factor, the lower your chances are of instilling brand awareness and recall. And in today’s U.S. market of 29.6 million businesses, you can’t afford not to strongly instill these two in your target audience.

If this isn’t enough to make you hire a web designer, then read on to find out more reasons why.

1. Hiring a Website Designer Leaves You with More Time to Focus on Your Business

When you first launched your business, you had goals in mind. Objectives that mainly revolved around your expertise.

Perhaps you specialize in baked goodies and pastries. Or you’re an expert when it comes to flower arrangements. Maybe you’re a pro in making and developing video games.

Whatever your area of specialization is, you established your business because you wanted to grow in this certain sector. You wanted to further develop your skills and talents.

Now ask yourself this:

How far have you come along in achieving these targets? Do you still have enough time to focus on what you really specialize in?

Chances are, you don’t. Because you’re now too focused on marketing and advertising.

We’re not saying these aren’t as essential to your business as your products/services, because they are as crucial. But since you spend much of your time on them now, you most likely haven’t been able to really concentrate on your own skills and talents.

If you now spend the majority of your time at the office trying to improve the appearance or ease-of-navigation of your site, take that as a sign you should start looking for a pro web designer for hire.

2. Expert Web Designers Have the Right Tools for the Job

What kind of computer or laptop do you use at the moment? Are you using this to develop and design your business website?

The reason we’re asking is because the equipment you use can largely impact the functionality and wow potential of your website. If you have a relatively older PC or laptop, chances are, you can’t take advantage of the best web design and development tools. And you won’t know just how long it takes for your web pages to come up since your device may also be running slower.

We’re not implying that all web designers and developers have outer space technology. They do, however, use powerful computers that allow them to do their job effectively. They use both software and hardware that easily distinguishes their professional work from those amateurs do.

3. They Have Extensive Experience You May Not Have

Education and experience are as important to web designers and builders as their passion, creativity, skills, and talents. They chose this profession after all, which is why they have garnered quite the experience needed to make their clients’ sites work in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Unless you went to school or have trained for a long time on what these pros do, then you most likely don’t have the qualifications they do. Anyone can build a website, but not everyone can create masterpieces that make consumers stay for a long time and buy products/services right then and there.

And in terms of making site visitors stay longer, one factor that contributes to this is usability. How easy is it to use your website? If it takes more effort than necessary, you can expect visitors to just click on that X button to close their browser.

And just so you know, search engine giant Google prefers responsive websites. And websites made for mobile-friendliness.

If you fail in these two areas, then you may no longer have the chance to see your website rank well.

4. A Pro Designer Knows Exactly Which Colors Work for Your Website

Did you know that color affects consumers’ buying behavior? If not, this is another reason you should hire someone to build a website for your brand ASAP. Or at least have a pro designer look at your current website and revamp it.

The right color scheme can do wonders for your branding strategies.

For instance, did you know the color of a product – specifically its packaging – can make a consumer buy that product? That’s how powerful color is when it comes to consumer purchasing behavior. As many as 85% of shoppers say they purchase something because of its color.

This is something that expert web designers know and understand. And they know exactly which color scheme best suits your website, your brand, and its products and/or services.

That’s right. Colors signify many different things, and they can stir various emotions in humans. And knowing which specific emotion to stir can make or break a purchase.

5. Consumers Can Easily See the Difference

Consumers need to feel a certain amount of trust when purchasing products or services from a company. If they see a poorly-designed website, they’ll automatically think the business doesn’t even have the budget for a professional site designer/developer. This can then have a serious negative impact on your credibility and professionalism.

This is one risk you don’t want to take. It can forever tarnish your reputation in your target market’s eyes.

Wow Your Site Visitors Now with the Right Website Designer

Essentially, hiring a website designer is the key to spreading the good news about your brand and its products and services. You want to take pride in your brand and everything great it has to offer, so you want to make an awesome first impression. Your website – and how it’s designed – can make or break this impression.

Ready to bring your website to the next level? Then connect with us now! We’ll be more than happy to chat with you.