10 Email Marketing Tips for Businesses Looking to Grow

Email marketing is a proven method for reaching your prospects and customers. With not a ton of cost involved, you can craft exciting, graphically interesting emails that pique your prospects and customer’s interest.

One challenge that all email marketers face is list decay and low open rates. To keep your list as clean as possible and to keep your engagement rates up, it is important to grow your email list organically.

Here are 10 email marketing tips that will transform your marketing strategy.

1. Add a Light Box Sign Up on your Website

Prospects that are on your website are there for a reason–they have an interest in your company.

With a light box sign up, prospects can choose to provide their email address to you for the express purpose of receiving more information.

They are essentially giving you the green light to email them. It’s an easy way to organically receive email addresses.

2. Use CTAs on Every Blog Post

CTAs are a must on each and every blog post. Why? Because if someone likes the content they are reading they will inevitably want to hear more.

Ask them to sign up to receive email updates and you are adding a good lead into your email list.

3. Use Your Social Network

A great market to tap to add to your email list organically is your social network. If they follow you and are engaged on your social channels, they may be a great addition to your email list.

Facebook offers an easy email sign up tools. Leave your followers wanting more–at the end of a really great post have an exciting CTA that makes them want to sign on to your email list.

4. Leverage Your Current Email List

An easy way to grow your email list organically is to have ‘share’ and “forward” buttons on the emails you send current subscribers. Encourage your list to share content with their friends.

This is a simple and easy way to grow your email list organically.

Gone are the days of paying for email lists–they rarely gain you anything but a high spam and opt-out rate. Instead, work to grow your email list organically, which will result in higher open rates.

5. Subject Lines Matter

This is perhaps the most important. First impressions are everything and this is will be the first thing your potential clients notice.

It’s important to have something that is attention-grabbing without being perceived as spam or irrelevant. If you fail to grab their attention with your subject, there is no quicker way to get your e-mail deleted or forgotten about.

It is also important to keep it simple and keep it clean. Anything that is too complex, long, or filled with nonsense earns a one way trip to the trash can.

6. Highly Targeted Messages

The beauty of the internet is that you get to decide who sees what. With a television ad, it just happens to be whoever is watching and it may or not be your ideal audience.

E-mail, however, gives the power to divide by greater categories which gives you the ability to specify even more. By understanding your target audience and understanding their goals, you can effectively communicate how what you are offering will help them.

This specificity is where you will really grab a potential clients attention and help your business grow. Use keywords, cater to their goals and speak to them directly and they will have to be interested.

7. Trust and Knowledge

Simply knowing your audience isn’t enough, however. They need to know you!

They need to be able to rely on you and trust that you are an expert in your subject. If they aren’t convinced that you know what you’re doing, they’ll never stick around to become a client.

Once again though, keeping it simple is the name of the game. You don’t want to bog down your e-mail with technical details and credentials that over complicate things.

You want to convey your knowledge as efficiently as possible and let the rest do the talking. When they come around after being interested, that is when you can start bringing in the more complicated details.

8. How Relevant is Email Marketing Today?

If you’re considering enlisting an email marketing consultant, it makes sense that you want to know how important the strategy is today. About 79% of market influencers that fielded questions in a 2017 survey by Ascend2 asserted that email marketing performance is on the rise.

Most of the respondents (55%) mentioned higher conversion rates as the most important objective of their email marketing program. While 43% of the email marketers want more list growth, 39% prioritize better ROI.

9. What’s the Success Rate of Email Marketing?

Proper execution can see more of your recipients not only open your emails, but also click links that could Lead to new signups, orders, purchases, or inquiries.

10. Tactics Key to Email Marketing Success

Nearly half of the surveyed marketing influencers send potential customers personalized messages, which substantially influences click-through rates, conversions, and channel list growth.

You too can try such a time-tested trick or even a more persuasive call-to-action to encourage more recipients to respond well to your email communications.
Other email marketing success strategies worth your consideration are:

1. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram sharing

2. List data segmentation

3. Responsive website design

About 53% of marketing influencers attribute the effectiveness of their strategy to collaborations with outsourced specialists, such as full-service email marketing consultants.

Use This Email Marketing Tips

By 2017, there were 233 million registered email users in the U.S, and the figure may exceed 255 million by 2023, according to Statista. These statistics point to the massive marketing potential that email communications present to small businesses using it to establish relationships with potential customers.

So far, there’s credible proof that email marketing continues to deliver strong ROI and value for small businesses. Our email campaigns produce measurable ROI every time.

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