Logo Design

Your logo gives a visual presence to the intangibles of your business. These items are considered to be your brand. Solid brings those intangibles to life in order to communicate who and what you are.

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Design + Development

Solid focuses on designing and building clean, stylish and most importantly, usable websites. After all, sites that are neither easy on the eyes nor user-friendly make customers disappear.

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Website Marketing

Solid coordinates all of your business communications— incorporating key elements from your branding and web design, to speak with potential customers through social media, SEO and email marketing.

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fresh brewed

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Logo Projects

It always feels good to take a break from your normal routine and do something different every now and again. We’ve been fortunate enough to have couple of logo projects come our way in the last couple of months….

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Getting Responsive with it!

Lisa came to us looking for a company that could fix some broken functionality on a new website she started with a friend. She had been taken to the cleaners by another developer who not only failed to fix…

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