New Site Launch – NVBPELS.ORG

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our first major project of the year –! Our friends over at Vogel Designs reached out to us late last year to lead the development and assist with the strategy of a new website for the Nevada Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. We happily agreed and jumped in with both feet.

Our challenge was to assist them in condensing 100+ pages of content into something more usable and easier to manage. Through some intense planning sessions we were able to reduce the size of the site to about 1/3 or what it once was. We identified 3 primary target audiences and organized the most important content from the old site into these areas – Public, Engineers, and Land Surveyors. On top of these three areas the site also serves a compliance role for board meeting agendas and minutes as well as distribution of their newsletter.

We knew WordPress could handle the complexities of managing the content, but the client expressed their challenges with the existing WordPress configuration. Instead we turned to Craft CMS as the backend content management system. Through extensive use of Craft’s Matrix field we were able to build a CMS solution that will allow them to grow the site and even produce a “web version” of their newsletter. We also incorporated custom types for regularly updated items, such as awarded projects. There are a few other bells and whistles built in as well, such as MailChimp integration and a weighted search.

We can’t wait to see the NVBPELS team get to work and grow the site now that it has a beautiful fronted and backend.