Digital Marketing Trends Every Small Business Must Focus on in 2018

A small business revolution is afoot, as there are currently 29 million in operation. You need to distinguish yourself from the rest by getting serious attention and traction around the web.

To make sure your small business not only stays afloat but grows in 2018, you’ll need to understand the latest digital marketing trends.

Digital marketing means different things to different companies. One business might focus strictly on SEO, while others might need to nail the perfect landing page.

The key to success is to hook the viewers and give them your best shot. It’s what brings in revenue and repeat business.

This is the name of the game for all industries, so it’s only right that you learn the ins and outs of online marketing.

We’ll dive into some of the most useful digital marketing trends for 2018 below, so read on and consider these points.

Small Business Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

If digital marketing trends are any indication, 2018 will be a year marked by diligence and building on tried and true strategies. Prior years set the tone for marketing, and these matters will be continuously refined.

The following eight tips will guide you so that you know where your focus needs to be going into and immediately following the holiday season.

1. Keep It Social

Taking advantage of the social sphere is the name of the game more than ever in 2018. This is a winning formula because the investment is low and you can expect a potentially high return on investment.

You’ll be able to dive into the multitude of social media platforms in order to network with your public.

Offering discounts is a great way that you can capitalize on social marketing strategy.

Incentivize people to share photos and videos. Check in online or re-post your web content to get your word out there so that your brand and business gain exposure.

Since more than 70 percent of people have one or more social media platform, you’ll want to jump on and interact with your public.

2. Re-Assess Your Metrics

When it comes to marketing, there are always metrics to keep up with. By that same token, you need to be fully aware of when you’re working with yesterday’s metrics.

For instance, getting likes on social media platforms is wonderful, but you need to have your eye toward other metrics moving into 2018.

The marketing metrics that you need to be fully aware of going forward include click-throughs and links that are bringing traffic to you.

3. Personal Branding Becomes Increasingly Important

To be sure that you’re making the most of your digital marketing trends, focus on your brand.

The brand that you build will carry you through the ebbs and flows, no matter which formulas you use.

When you want to make the most out of your branding, start with isolating what makes you stand out. You’ll be able to execute better once you know your prime goals and focus.

Small businesses, in particular, need to set themselves apart through branding. While you may not be competing with larger businesses in the field, creative branding is essential to carve out your share of the market.

4. Make the Most of Videos

Without a doubt, embracing online videos is one of the best steps you can take if you want to master digital marketing trends.

Videos can be shared on multiple platforms. Plus, you’ll also have a chance to draw in subscribers, likes, and comments. When you have timely, high-quality video content, it’s easier to build a brand and market your small business.

Add meta tags to these videos so that they are better optimized. This way, you will quickly see your small business climbing the ranks in Google searches.

5. Get More Creative with Your Web Design

The web design principles that you put into place will mean a lot if you’re trying to jump on marketing trends.

Be sure that you allow web designers to truly flex their muscle, rather than just trying to get carbon copies of other websites that have worked on.

Skilled web designers will be able to build a site that is viewable on any device. These professionals are skilled SEO experts, so you’ll also be able to get more traction on your site.

6. Come Up with a Plan

The biggest mistake that people make with their digital marketing is that they don’t have plans of action.

Rather than just putting out content, make sure you first craft a content plan and follow it to the best of your ability. When you have one of these plans you’ll be in a better position to bring in subscribers and customers.

7. Upgrade the Quality of Your Content

Put time and energy into your content to draw serious traction.

The days of posting by volume alone are over. You’ll need to make sure that your content stands out, and that you’re choosing to make it as detailed and useful as possible.

When you create quality blog posts, you’ll be better able to get traffic that matters.

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