Getting Responsive With It!

Lisa came to us looking for a company that could fix some broken
functionality on a new website she started with a friend. She had been
taken to the cleaners by another developer who not only failed to fix
the problems, but then would not tell her what he had done. We went in
and repaired the site so it would function correctly. It was critical
these components function flawlessly because the site relies on user
submitted content in the form of pictures. Any pitfalls the user
experienced during the submission process could turn them off of the
site for good.

Once we had the site working flawlessly Lisa wanted to take it to the
next level by adding some additional functionality in the form of a
“Like” (in this case a heart) type function. She also wanted to make the
site fully responsive so users to access, browse, and upload photos
directly from their tablets and mobile devices. The existing layout of
the site was to remain unchanged. We went to work on the theme and
completely stripped it down before rebuilding it on the Twitter
Bootstrap framework. It lended itself perfectly to the grid style
layout. With the addition of small screen specific dropdown navigation
items, the experience is very fluid.

We invite everyone to check it out at We know you’ll be seeing hearts!