Design + Branding

Good design is transcendent.

Did you know that more than 94 percent of first impressions are design-related?

Or that 38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive?

Or that 47 percent of people want your pages to load in less than two seconds?

Or that 48 percent of people say that the quality of your web design and branding is the “number one” factor in determining your credibility as a business?

At Solid Creative, we know that design matters: we live and breathe it every day for our clients. The design of your website – your digital shop window – is your primary touchpoint with customers. Get it wrong, and you’ll flounder. Get it right, and you’ll win.

Branding And Identity

You know that branding is essential. But you might struggle to know which branding and identity design choices are best for your firm.

At Solid Creative, we work closely with you to blend company mission with branding and identity. You get a tailored branding solution, reflected in all your customer touch points, which communicate your core messages, builds trust, and get buyers through the door.

Logo Design

Your logo is the emblem that helps your company stand out from everyone else, while at the same time signaling the quality of your brand. You want customers to see your brand, know precisely what it is, and then trust it implicitly. You can’t do that, however, if your logo doesn’t effectively communicate your identity.

Practically every company has a logo, but many are so generic that it’s difficult for customers to identify with them, or even notice they’re in their environment.

Solid Creative seeks to discover the essence of your operation and then uses that information to craft a unique logo which communicates to customers everything they need to know about your brand.

Web Design

Your website is your digital shop window. It’s what you use to reel in customers, bringing them closer to sale.

But unless your website has excellent design, you’re not going to make the impact that you want.

Web design is by far the most important tool at your disposal to impress customers and generate conversions. Customers judge your company’s credibility based on the appearance of your website, regardless of reviews or any other indicator of the real quality of your product. Like it or not, people judge books by their covers.

With Solid Creative, you never need to worry about web design again. We craft your website from the ground up, tailoring it to the particular needs of your company, creating a memorable user experience for your customers.

Print Collateral

Consistent branding is essential for identity design. The more consistent you can be, the more familiar you’ll become to customers, and the more they will trust you.

With us, you can get print collateral – “leave behind” materials – that perfectly complement your digital design language. It’s time to stop leaving branding to chance and create something that gives your firm a solid foundation.

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